What Does Your Face Shape Say About Your Personality

June 5, 2018

Face shape can actually indicate quite a bit about your personality and lifestyle. Don’t worry, no face shape is inherently evil or good, but apparently there is some science behind it. Jean Haner, who is an author and face reading expert (yup, that’s a thing), even wrote a book called “The Wisdom Of Your Face”. The science behind each face shape will really blow your mind.

Oval Face Shape
A lot of celebs like Olivia Munn, Beyonce and Jessica Alba have an oval-shaped face. Oval-shaped faces usually belong to people who are sociable and welcoming (surprise, extroverted celebs have oval faces!). They make others feel comfortable in their presence, but they’re also very conscious and concerned of what people think of them (must be a bummer for celebs).


Pear/Diamond Face Shape
This face shape is known for a wider jawline, and a pointier chin, along with a slightly narrowed forehead. These guys are known for being bossy! With that strong jawline, they’re not going to budge. On the positive side, they have glorious attention to detail, a valuable skill in all walks of life.