The Great 90’s Celebrities: Where Are They Now?

January 21, 2018

We all have our own memories of the ’90s. What was your favorite: sitcoms, boy bands, fashion, something else? Two decades later, it’s time to remember all those people who made the ’90s so memorable and see where are they today.

This gallery is a great reminder of famous people from that decade that are almost forgotten today.

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson

Image by Imgur

Amy Jo Johnson is the best remembered for her role of Kimberly in 1993-1999 “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”. During the 2000s, she continued acting in TV shows “The Division” and “Flashpoint”.

In 2001, Johnson released her first music album and two more after that. She wrote and directed an indie movie “The Space Between” which was released this spring.